We are working towards making the content on this website more accessible for people with disabilities and more user-friendly for everyone. However, we are aware that this website is not fully usable for users with access needs.

Website content

Some aspects of the site are not fully accessible. For example:

  • There are some images containing text with no alt text.
  • Heading elements aren’t always in sequential descending order.
  • The tabbing sequence is not always in a logical order.
  • The focused element is not always visible.
  • Form elements do not always have an associated label.
  • Links do not always have a discernible name.
  • Some animated features cannot be read by screen readers.

We are taking steps to improve accessibility wherever we can.

Accessibility at Middlesex University

More information on Middlesex University’s stance on accessibility can be viewed on the Middlesex University London website’s accessibility statement.

Contact us

If you cannot access any part of this website, please email: [email protected]