Master your student experience with support

At Middlesex University, we understand the intricacies of postgraduate study around your life. That’s why we’ve crafted an environment that prioritises postgraduate support at every turn. We aim to ensure that your journey with us is enriching and transformative. 

Comprehensive wellbeing and academic support 

Embark on your postgraduate studies with the confidence that comes from our extensive student wellbeing services: 


wellbeing support icon
Wellbeing support



Navigate your postgraduate experience easily, thanks to our dedicated services providing financial guidance and mental health support—because we believe your well-being is paramount.

academic support icon
Personal Academic assistance


Our academic support is second to none, offering personalised support, from language skill enhancement to mentorship from seasoned academics, ensuring your educational needs are met to help you get the future you want. 

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Dedicated Disability support



Embodying an inclusive university environment, our disability support services are designed to accommodate any challenges, offering resources and adjustments tailored to your unique requirements. 

Once I got diagnosed [with Dyslexia], I had a meeting with the disability team an they went through my support plan…which really helped with my academic performance. Also, I was provided a 1-to-1 tutor and this gave me the confident that anyone can do a postgraduate degree.

Middlesex Alumni, Childhood and Education in Diverse Societies MA

Engaged learning with practical insights 

At Middlesex University, education extends beyond the classroom through: 


  • Personalised tutoring: Experience bespoke academic support with our one-on-one tutoring sessions, helping you discover your niche and define your academic and career trajectory. 
  • Industry expertise: Our curriculum is infused with insights from professionals across various fields, providing you with a well-rounded perspective that prepares you for real-world challenges. 


Adaptable study options tailored to you 

Your postgraduate studies should fit your lifestyle, and we offer the flexibility to make that possible: 


  • Customisable course modules: Our dynamic study programs give you the power to tailor your education to your career aspirations. 
  • Hybrid learning environment: Benefit from our on-campus and online blended learning options, giving you the flexibility to study in a way that suits you best. 
  • Cutting-edge learning facilities: Our significant investment in technology ensures access to the best resources, preparing you to excel in an ever-evolving jobs market. 

Our flexible study approach




Our courses give you flexibility over what and how you learn so your education is personal to you and your ambition.



On and off campus learning


Our teaching is a mix of on campus with blended online activities for most subjects to give you flexibility and balance throughout your studies.



Innovative technology


We continuously invest in our impressive facilities – over £200 million recently – so you have access to new technology and resources.